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Frequency Inverter / iP5A 3x400V Fan/Pump

iP5A Inverter LSIS



Frequency inverter for universal use  e. g. for ventilators and pumps. Input voltage is 3 ph 200-480V.Output voltage is in the range of 3 ph 200-480V at rated power of  5,5-450kW.

Technical Details:

  • Optimal for pumpe- and ventilation systems
  • PID control (Pre-PID, Dual-PID)
  • Energy saving and high performance:
    • Sleep & Wake-up function
    • Flying Start function
    • Automatic function for energy savingFlux Braking Algorithmus (Flussbremse)
  • Integrated protection:
    • Pre Heater Funktion
    • Ableitungsverringerung PWM-Algorithmus Safety Stop Funktion (Sicherer Halt)
    • Automatischer Wechsel der Taktfrequenz
  • MMC-function (Multi-Motor Control) up to  4 motors: 5,5-90kW[7,5-125PS]
  • V/f control, Sensorless Vektor control
  • Capacitors for long life, easy to exchange
  • Easy Start Function
  • Input signal PNP/NPN
  • Fan with On/Off control
  • Integrieted communication RS485 (LS Bus)
  • Optional Communication:
    • Modbus RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus TCP
  • free Software (Drive View) for the PC
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